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Underground Water Tanks

Do you want to harvest rain water without valuable surface space being taken up by a tank? Team Poly’s underground water tanks are made in Australia according to a patented and leading German-engineered design that provides optimum strength and a self-cleaning filter.

They are your perfect solution and so easy to install that two friends, two shovels and one morning is all that is necessary. No ballasting is necessary for the foundation and tanks come with child proof covers.

1500L Tank (330 gal)


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Length 2100mm
Width 1250mm
Height 1010mm

3000L Tank (660 gal)


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Length 2450mm
Width 2100mm
Height 1050mm

5000L Tank (1100 gal)


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Length 2890mm
Width 2300mm
Height 1320mm

Li-Lo Underground Tank Features

  • German engineered and manufactured in Australia.
  • No Ballasting required.
  • Compact shallow excavation design.
  • Fully integrated self cleaning option.
  • Driveway manhole option available.
  • Child-proof cover option available.

75% less digging than a concrete cistern.

Save more than 100 wheelbarrow loads of soil!

Li-Lo Excavation

  • 3000L Li-Lo excavation approx 7.6m2 / 268ft3
  • 3000L concrete cistern approx 31m3 / 1095ft3

How do you install an underground tank?

How to install Li-Lo Underground Tank

Download the Li-Lo Underground Tank Installation Guide

Note: Dimensions and colours may vary due to the rotational moulding process.

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