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Rainwater Tank and Installation Costs – Tank, Pump, Screen, Cover & Accessory Prices

Rainwater Tank and Installation Costs – Tank, Pump, Screen, Cover & Accessory Prices

Rainwater tank prices can vary significantly depending upon manufacturing brand, supplier, material type and your desired style of tank. This article is intended to provide you, the consumer, with an understanding of the cost of installing a rainwater tank.

Rainwater Tank Prices – Poly and Steel Tanks

Team Poly manufacture a diverse range of poly rainwater tanks. As a popular poly tank brand, Team Poly have partnered with a range of businesses including retail stores, builders, landscapers and other trades. Each provide their own pricing so we can only provide you with rough estimates.

We manufacture two models of round poly tanks (traditional and Boabab styles). These typically set you back around $800–$1,000 for 5,000L, $1,500–$2,000 for 10,000L and $2,500–$3,000 for our popular 22,500L tanks (5,000 gallon tanks available in squat or full height). Slimline tanks are around $600–$2,200 depending upon size and style, and underground tanks approximately three times more expensive than round tanks of comparable capacities.

By comparison AQUAPLATE® and ZINCALUME® steel tanks are about 25% more expensive, and quality stainless steel double the price. This is all dependent upon the size of tank, brand and style of rainwater tanks.

If you buy directly through a tank manufacturer, often they will provide free delivery to the site of one of their partners or if located within a particular zone. When requesting a quote, simply ask for tank and delivery cost to be included in price.

Tank Accessories – Pump, Screens, Covers, Water Diverter and Accessories

You should always check and confirm what extras will be included with your rainwater tank. Additional accessories and fittings are not always included such as an inlet strainer and screens, manhole cover and even tank fittings.

Water diverters do a lot to maintain water quality yet aren’t expensive to add. Including PVC piping, flexible coupling (from tank to your pipes) and the like you are probably looking at around $200 for all these extras.

A quality electric pump (Davey or ClayTech) for your water tank and a cover would set you back around $500. These can sometimes be included as part of a special tank promotion or deal so it can save you to ask about any tank and pump packages.

Labour Cost of Plumbing in Your Rainwater Tank

It is always safer and easier to hire a licensed plumber experienced with installing rainwater tanks. Not only will it mean less headaches and learning for you, but in many cases a compliance certificate for the plumbing work performed will be required. These can only be issued by a licensed plumber.

Your plumber should be able to warrant their work that it will be compliant with manufacturer installation requirements. Unless you are a licensed plumber, then we do not recommend that you plumb in your rainwater tank.

The cost of installing a rainwater tank is dependent upon your rainwater tank and system being installed. You can always save costs by performing a lot of the manual labour yourself, positioning your tank and getting everything right up until it is connected.

For example, installing one of our Li-Lo underground tanks will require some digging, which can be accomplished with two shovels and a wheelbarrow. You could save yourself some costs if you did the excavation yourself.

Depending on the amount of work your plumber needs to do, and what parts you have on hand, it could cost as low as $300 to connect your tank to existing plumbing, up to $1000 and more. Call around, get a feel from the plumbers of what they will do, compare a minimum of three quotes and most importantly verify their license.